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Once a player has won a bet and seen those winnings appear in their betting site account balance, it's only natural to want to get access to those funds as quickly as possible. The time it takes for withdrawals to be processed by fast paying betting sites varies significantly across the betting industry, with some sites being faster than others.

What is a fast payment betting site?

What is a fast payment betting site?

A fast eSport payment betting site allows players to withdraw their funds quickly, with processing times now being as low as 30 minutes for some platforms. Many factors can impact how long it takes for a withdrawal request to be processed, with the payment processor that was chosen also playing a role in how long it takes for the funds to be available to a player as spendable cash.

Differing withdrawal options are typically available on betting sites, with VISA and Mastercard being popular and PayPal and even a transfer directly into a player's bank account. A fast payment betting site will process a player's request to withdraw funds as quickly as possible, generally avoiding taking longer than a couple of hours, assuming no issues are raised.

Once the betting company has processed the request and issues the funds for withdrawal, it's then down to the payment provider the player chose to complete the process.

What is a fast payment betting site?
Fastest paying eSport betting sites in 2021

Fastest paying eSport betting sites in 2021

As we established above, eSports online betting sites can vary significantly in the amount of time they take to process withdrawal requests and get the money to customers. Here are the top 10 fastest paying online betting sites in 2021.


This online betting site offers the fast VISA Direct withdrawal option and processes withdrawal requests within 30 minutes. VISA Direct provides real-time funds delivery using the player's card details.


As with BetVictor, PariMatch provides the VISA Direct withdrawal option and tries to process withdrawal requests within 30 minutes.


This fast paying online betting site utilises fast withdrawals through Neteller and has other payment providers available to players. Bet365 processes withdrawal requests for customers winnings within 12 hours, assuming no issues are raised, which could cause delays.


The SBK betting site makes our list as they have some of the fastest Trustly withdrawals available. The processing time for withdrawal requests is 1-2 days.


Fast withdrawals are again available through VISA Direct with Betway, and withdrawal requests are generally processed within 12 hours.

William Hill

This popular betting site, with physical stores, can provide some of the fastest debit card withdrawals available currently. William Hill processes withdrawal requests within 1-3 days.


If a player seeks speedy PayPal withdrawals, then Betfair offers amongst the fastest. Withdrawal requests are processed within 4-24 hours.


This betting website, which also offers an online casino, provides some of the fastest MuchBetter withdrawals available - giving players quick access to their winnings. After a withdrawal request is approved, payment is typically processed within 2-3 days.


Some of the fastest Skrill processing times are provided by BoyleSports, with withdrawal requests from players usually processed within 24 hours.


If it's a cheque withdrawal a customer is seeking, SportingBet offers the fastest times available. After a withdrawal request has been verified and approved, cheques will be posted within two days, ready for a player to deposit into their bank.

Fastest paying eSport betting sites in 2021
How to get the fastest payout at an online eSport betting site

How to get the fastest payout at an online eSport betting site

If a player seeks the fastest possible payouts of winnings from eSports online betting sites, then numerous things can be done. Most importantly, potential customers should research the different betting sites available and find out what processing times they provide. Reviews from other players can help here, with reviews confirming whether a fast paying online betting site regularly meets the stated withdrawal times and detailing any issues experienced previously by players.

It's also necessary to check what payment methods a betting site offers, with some being unsuitable for a player and the time it takes for funds to be available differing between them all. When a betting site, and payment provider, is chosen and a player wishes to withdraw their winnings - ensuring that all security and identification rules have been met will help ensure a fast experience with minimal issues.

How to get the fastest payout at an online eSport betting site
Why do some transactions take so long or get blocked?

Why do some transactions take so long or get blocked?

Occasionally a player will find that their eSport betting online withdrawal request is taking longer than usual to be processed or that it's been blocked altogether. The reasons for this can vary, with all cases being different.

However, common sense is that the player hasn't sufficiently gotten through the identification process - particularly true when a withdrawal request is blocked. Laws enforced by governments and rules enshrined by regulatory bodies require betting websites to verify the identity of players before any winnings can be withdrawn. Security regulations such as anti-money laundering and anti-fraud laws are also enforced.

If a betting site cannot verify the identity of a customer or fraud is suspected, then payment will be blocked until these issues can be resolved. Should a payment be blocked, or delayed pending additional checks, then the betting site will let the customer know and highlight any steps that need to be taken to get the withdrawal finalised.

To prevent this from happening, players should ensure they have completed all verification steps requested during a withdrawal request - such as supplying copies of suitable identification and proof of address documents. In the rare instance that a player feels their withdrawal has been unfairly blocked or withheld, complaints can be made to the betting site. They can also be escalated to independent adjudicators.

Why do some transactions take so long or get blocked?
Fastest withdrawal payment methods

Fastest withdrawal payment methods

A wide range of withdrawal payment methods is available across the online betting industry, with the most popular attracting thousands of loyal customers. The time it takes for these payment providers to make funds available to bettors varies considerably, with the fastest having funds in a player's account within minutes. Payment providers such as PayPal and Skrill can offer withdrawal's at many betting sites and are widely trusted by customers and businesses alike.

They provide fast payment processing times and are relied upon for their high levels of security and robust policies to protect customers. Withdrawals can also be quickly made by using VISA and Mastercard, which are accepted at thousands of locations worldwide, and most players will already be using them via their debit and credit cards.

Some betting sites have physical stores available where winnings can be collected from in cash, which is a fast and safe way of collecting withdrawn winnings.

Fastest withdrawal payment methods