How to Bet on Esports: The Ultimate Knowledge Guide

In this eSports betting guide, find out everything about betting on electronic sports. Also, stay tuned to find out which are the best video game genres and video game titles to bet on, as well as eSports bet tips. There's no doubt the eSports industry is witnessing exponential growth. With the coming of the pandemic, eSports betting blossomed, and today, it's the fastest-growing form of betting.

According to a 2019 report by Las Vegas-based gambling industry entrepreneur Chris Grove, eSports' total money wagered around major eSports titles by 2020 stood at around $12.9 billion globally, while the number of eSports bettors globally was approximately 6.5 million. The coming of the pandemic, and consequently, the halting of live matches, must have exploded the figures.

How to Bet on Esports: The Ultimate Knowledge Guide
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How to bet on esports 2024

Before sharing the list of the best eSports video game genres to bet on, here is a beginner's guide to eSports betting. Find out the basics of eSports betting, from how to find the best site to bet on, to betting odds, markets, strategies, and more.

How esports betting works

Esports betting is simply betting on electronic sports played at competitive levels. While they are pretty similar to virtual and simulated games, eSports has that human touch just like traditional sports betting, where pro athletes battle it out, not AI and computer simulators. Already, pro teams attract the best talent from around the globe, so eSports is just as competitive as any other sport.

How to bet on esports

Betting on eSports is pretty straightforward. However, there are a few things bettors need to know.

First, players must decide on the game they want to bet on. This article will be sharing some of the best genres to bet on and the most popular games in the eSports scene from each genre.

How to find the best esports betting sites

Once a gambler settles on a specific game, they should find bookmakers that offer markets on the game. For the record, not all bookmakers have eSports betting.

Another essential factor to consider when choosing a bookmaker is licensing and regulation. Play only on registered and renowned eSports betting sites.

Next, read bookmaker reviews and do some research to find bookies that offer fast and secure banking, and importantly, a comprehensive list of deposit and withdrawal options. Players definitely want to get into real money betting swiftly. Also, consider the transaction charges, turnaround time, and, importantly, accepted currencies.

A crucial aspects to consider include customer support, languages, live streaming, site navigation, and mobile betting.

The third aspect to focus on is the eSports betting markets and odds. Some bookies have vast betting markets, while others offer only the basic options. The former is what eSports betting enthusiasts should be on the lookout for. When it comes to odds, there are two things. First, join betting sites with the highest odds. Second, players should make sure the odds format they are acquainted with is supported.

It's also essential to consider promotions. The best eSports bookmakers have no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses, among other goodies. While scouting for betting bonuses, remember to check the wagering requirements. The lower the multiplier, the higher the chances of making the most out of a betting bonus.

Esports betting strategies

Just like traditional sports betting, there are eSports betting strategies, which vary depending on the game genre. Arbitrage betting is the most popular strategy. Commonly known as the 'arb' betting strategy, it involves placing a bet on all possible outcomes of an individual eSports match.

MOBA betting guide

The Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, popularly known as MOBA, is one of the best video game genres to bet on. This strategy video game features two teams that battle it out in a predefined battleground known as a map.

MOBA games are top-rated, especially in Asia. The popularity can be attributed to the fact that they are sociable now that players have to team up with friends to achieve victory. Some of the best MOBA games to bet on include League of Legends, DOTA 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2), Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, and Smite.

How to bet on MOBA games

MOBA betting is increasingly becoming popular now that there are some prestigious MOBA tournaments and competitions such as The International and the LoL World Championship. What's more? There are MOBA games to bet on almost the entire year. Interestingly, MOBA games attract the top teams and talent, injecting competitiveness into the strategy game.

The backbone of betting on MOBA games is understanding the different betting markets. Bettors can bet on single MOBA match markets, MOBA tournament/competition/league winner markets, or maps markets. Some of the best bets to place include the match-winner, map winner, map totals, first kill, number of rounds, total kills/odds, or even handicap, etc. The probability of all these events is represented in odds.

To bet on MOBA games, first, find a betting site with MOBA eSports markets and keep abreast of the upcoming MOBA competitions. Bettors should also be aware of the different formats used in MOBA games tournaments.

Lastly, players should do some research to find out which are the best MOBA eSports teams. At the moment, the household names are Team Spirit, PSG.LGD, Invictus Gaming, and Team Secret, among others. It will also be wise to check the recent form of the team that bettors are putting their money on.

Battle Royale betting guide

Battle royale games are fantastic online multiplayer games that feature last-man-standing gameplay and survival, exploration, and scavenging tactics. They involve dozens to hundreds of players who battle it out for glory in an ever-shrinking map. Depending on the format, players could be alone or in teams.

Today, battle royale games dominate the eSports scene. Some of the biggest battle royale games include Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone, Apex Legends, PUBG: Battlegrounds, and Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout just to mention a few.

How to bet on Battle Royale games

Betting on battle royale games is among the most popular forms of eSports betting. The popularity of these games can be attributed to the fact that battle royale games attract hundreds of top-level competitions and substantial prize monies. Two of the most significant battle royale tournaments are Apex Legends Global Series (Apex Legends) and The Fortnite World Cup (Fortnite). Interestingly, the 2019 Fortnite World Cup attracted a $30 million prize pool.

Wagering on battle royale games is pretty easy as long as bettors find the best battle royale eSports betting sites and understand the gameplay, the markets, and how the odds work. There are various markets to bet on depending on the betting site and, of course, the particular battle royale game.

Some of the common markets that players should be acquainted with include outright match winners, tournament winners, special bets, accumulators, totals, map winners, map scores, and even in-play bets, otherwise known as live bets.

Besides the betting markets and odds, players should be conversant with the eSports scene of the battle royale game they want to bet on. Find out the best teams in Fortnite, the best teams in Apex Legends, and so on. Also, take a look at their recent form to make the best betting decision.

FPS betting guide

There's no doubt FPS (First-Person Shooter) is a popular video game genre. It is based on guns and other weapon-based combat from a first-person's perspective. The players control the protagonist in a 3D space. FPS games are popular because they usher in that genuine battleground atmosphere courtesy of immersive graphics and sound. They also foster teamwork and solidarity.

FPS games are popular all over the globe. Battlefield V and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are two of the biggest FPS games today. Other popular FPS titles in eSports include Call of Duty, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege (R6), Valorant, and Overwatch.

How to bet on FPS games

FPS games are not just big in cumulative prize pools; they also dominate the eSports betting charts. According to the latest statistics, CS: GO leads in terms of betting volumes now that there are plenty of tournaments throughout the year. It's also easy to bet on FPS games, and there is a wide range of betting options.

Just like with all other video game genres, players betting on FPS games must understand the basic gameplay and rules to make informed betting decisions. It's also essential to understand the current state of the FPS eSports scene. Find time to research which are the best FPS teams. At the moment, the best FPS teams are Astralis, SEN Sentinels, and San Francisco Shock. It's also vital to review all the upcoming tournaments and competitions.

Another critical thing bettors need to be aware of is the available betting markets. FPS games may have different gameplay and objectives, but most betting options are similar to what players can find in MOBA and Battle Royale eSports betting. Some of the best markets to wager on include tournament winner, match winner, map winner, first blood, and live betting.

Sports simulation betting guide

For the traditional sports betting enthusiasts, sports simulation eSports games offer the ultimate experience as they follow traditional sports betting. As the name suggests, sports simulation games are based on real sports games such as soccer, hockey, motorsports, basketball, and American football. Sports simulation games should not be confused with virtual sports as real humans play them.

Sports simulation games are popular globally. The scene boasts elite pro teams, with some sponsored by professional clubs. They depict the major leagues and competitions and use state-of-the-art game engines to offer realistic gameplay and breathtaking graphics. Some of the best sports simulation games to bet on include FIFA, NBA2K, PES, Madden, etc.

How to bet on sports simulation games

Sports simulation games attract many bettors, mostly traditional sports betting enthusiasts. This is because they are similar to conventional sports betting in terms of betting mechanisms. So far, so good, FIFA 21 betting leads in the sports simulation genre in terms of betting volume. So now, what do players need to know about betting on sports simulation video games?

The first thing is finding reliable betting sites with FIFA, PES, and NBA2K markets. Remember, not all betting sites will have these markets. When it comes to betting odds and markets, odds are represented in one of the three betting formats, or all formats, while markets remain the same as in regular sports betting.

The difference, however, comes in the teams to bet on. In traditional sports betting, the best teams to bet on are the most successful ones in recent times. However, in eSports betting, players shouldn't look at the most prominent teams in real life. Instead, they should look at the record of the eSports pro player. For example, a pro player, with a super team like PSG, with all the stars, might lose to a better pro gamer playing with an average team from the lower French leagues.

RTS betting guide

RTS, also known as real-time strategy game, is another popular video game genre to bet on. One of the aspects that make these games popular is the generally faster-paced nature. The difference between RTS games vs. turn-based strategy (TBS) games is that in RTS games, players can get in the action simultaneously.

There are many RTS games, but just a handful feature in the competitive eSports world. Real-time strategy games include StarCraft II, WarCraft, and the Age of Empires series.

How to bet on RTS games

While the popularity of the RTS video games genre is slowing down, the games are still active on the eSports scene. So, what should players know about betting on RTS games?

The first thing is finding betting sites with RTS games betting markets, such as StarCraft II and WarCraft markets, among others. Then, sign up on bookies that have plenty of events and the highest odds. Players should also strive to keep abreast with all the developments in the world of RTS games. First, understand the gameplay of RTS games and the basic rules. Importantly, get to know about the different tournament formats used.

Lastly, check out the standings to find out the best teams and players to put money on. For the record, teams keep changing rosters, so be sure to check the team's recent form to make the right betting decision.

Wrapping up

That's it; a guide on how to bet on eSports. Remember, there are eSports betting tips and strategies that increase the winning chances. Also, make sure to check what the pundits are saying in their predictions before making that bet!

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