Instant withdrawals

An instant withdrawal bookmaker is one that will let players withdraw their winnings and pay out within 24 hours. The time it takes depends a great deal on the casino or esports betting site being used and the country that the player is based in. At this time there are only a few online eSport betting sites that will permit instant withdrawals in the US and Australia.

To find the right instant withdrawal site it is recommended that users take the time to do their due diligence. Reading user reviews will give a clear idea of how quickly each site pays out. It isn’t always possible to tell the efficiency of the withdrawal process simply from the time scales provided by the site.

Some will promise instant withdrawal within 24 hours but it could take longer than that. Some might say 72 hours but it could be instant. It is also affected by the type of transfer method that the player uses. Sometimes the only way to really know is to test it out.

Online esports betting has become extremely popular and this is why it is so important for players to make sure that they are using the right site – one that will process their transactions quickly and efficiently.

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Best instant withdrawal eSport betting sites 2021

Best instant withdrawal eSport betting sites 2021

Instant withdrawal is available from a number of the top esports betting sites.

  • 1xBet’s fastest method of withdrawal is Bitcoin, where transactions can be completed within 15 minutes.

  • Betfair is a top site with a Fast Funds option where money can be sent to a bank account in a matter of seconds. This works for customers who have a Visa Debit card or a prepaid card.

  • Paddy Power has offered instant withdrawals since 2019. Again, it is for customers who use a Visa Debit or prepaid card.

  • Ladbrokes offers the Fast Funds option for the Visa Debit users but does not use the word ‘instant’. The process will still work within a few hours.

  • Coral offers Fast Funds withdrawals with a maximum amount of £2000 and states funds should be received within four hours.

  • William Hill has a visa direct system for a four-hour withdrawal turnaround.

  • Betway’s speedy option is a withdrawal to a web wallet, where it can take up to 24 hours to appear in the account.

  • Bet365 has the instant visa debit option with a much higher maximum amount than for other methods.

  • Rivarly is a site where the fastest option is an ewallet such as Skrill and it takes up to 24 hours.

  • 22Bet also offers speedy ewallet options for a withdrawal within 24 hours.

Best instant withdrawal eSport betting sites 2021
Why do some bookmakers take so long to pay out?

Why do some bookmakers take so long to pay out?

Some eSports betting sites will not have someone dealing with withdrawals around the clock and if they don’t then this should be a red flag for the customer, after all, they are happy to take money around the clock. They should be in a position to process withdrawal requests instantly.

In some cases, the customer might not have gone through the right verification process and if these steps are still outstanding then the site might want to get more information before processing the withdrawal request. Examples of ID that they might need include passport, driver’s licence and proof of address. It is a good idea to make sure that these steps are completed as early as possible so that there is no waiting time when a withdrawal is needed.

The customer should also be very wary of any site that takes more than a day to process a withdrawal request. Some of them do delay payments to try to encourage players to carry on betting with the winnings instead of transferring it to an external account. There is no good reason for any website to take more than a day to pay out, so once a player encounters a site that does, they should just empty the account and find another site.

Why do some bookmakers take so long to pay out?
Can you withdraw any amount of money from a betting site?

Can you withdraw any amount of money from a betting site?

There are some sites that may put a limit on the amount that the user can withdraw at any one time. It is a good idea to check this in advance before starting to use the site. For example, if there is a £50 withdrawal limit but the user has £100 then it means multiple withdrawals to be able to get to their own money.

Making sure that they have the fastest withdrawal methods is a good idea for anyone who uses an eSports betting site. There are two elements to the speed of a withdrawal. The first is the time taken by the site to process the request. The second is the time taken by the chosen withdrawal method to process the request at their end.

An eWallet is considered to be one of the fastest options and PayPal falls into this category but is only really available in the UK and Europe. There is currently no eWallet system in the US. The next fastest system is the eTransfer. This is a connection between the merchant and the user’s bank account. Deposits and withdrawals are fast and the actual bank account details are never revealed to the merchant.

Can you withdraw any amount of money from a betting site?
Pros and cons of bookmakers with payout in 24 hours

Pros and cons of bookmakers with payout in 24 hours

There are a few advantages and disadvantages of using instant withdrawal esport betting sites. On the plus side:

  • A swift pay out in 24 hours means that the user will be able to get access to their own money much more quickly. This will then give them more options about further play on that site or on another site.

  • It shows that the online esport betting site has a strong focus on customer service, rather than trying to hold on to their customer’s money for as long as possible.

  • With so many methods to withdraw money from esport betting sites, there is sure to be a fast method that will suit almost every customer so no one should have to wait longer than 24 hours for their money.

  • Speedy transactions mean that the money spends less time on the site and there are fewer temptations to place spontaneous bets.

On the other hand, there are hardly any disadvantages to a 24-hour withdrawal site, although users might want to consider that it may not be the most important thing about their service. Some users might prefer to have good quality customer service or a wide range of esports to bet on.

Pros and cons of bookmakers with payout in 24 hours