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With the global rise of eSports competitions, sportsbooks attract customers keen to bet on teams and individual tournament participants. Notably, betting on video games is expected to reach a $13 billion market value by 2025. Esports popularity is sparking a new generation of gambling venues.

Companies are using technology and innovation to create economic opportunities from the eSports boom. From mobile betting to sports clubs, eSports betting sites are creating a new framework for supporting international growth for betting enthusiasts. Here are a couple of seasoned brands, which are launching new egaming betting sites.

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Esports Platforms

FansUnite's CEO Scott Burton recently joined Canada's Gaming Association's board. As CEO, he oversees business operations and development for gaming licensing and eSports betting. From launching tournaments to exploring blockchain technology for eSports betting, FansUnite is on the cutting edge. An online casino operator for premium eSports, technology, and game content, FansUnite secures crucial partnerships and focuses on technology-driven sports and entertainment.

By providing lawful online gaming opportunities in sports, casinos, and eSports, the brand is making its mark in the industry. The company leverages the internet's power to enhance only betting for eSports, from social betting to sportsbooks.

Although FansUnite is a seasoned brand, its recent 2020 merger with Askott Entertainment is sparking new areas of development for eSports enthusiasts, including new websites. The organization is licensed in multiple locations, including Malta, Isle of Man, and the United Kingdom.

Since 2018, FanDuel has been a recognized eSports betting provider. Well-known for its betting agreement with major sports organizations, such as the NBA, the company has expanded sports and eSports betting. In New York alone, tax revenue from online sports betting may rise as high as $500 million by 2025, fueled by FanDuel's expansive customer base.

Each new mobile sports betting company's contracting with the state of New York shall pay 51 percent tax on gross revenue. In 2019, FanDuel was the first operator to offer betting on eSports competitions in the U.S. As the business expands, it launched new eSports websites.

Benefits of New Betting Sites

Bigger bonuses and promotions

New eSports betting sites are offering a range of bonuses and promotions to attract new customers. Like casinos, eSports websites attract bettors with hefty welcome bonuses. It's popular and standard for most online eSports betting sites. After making a deposit, the new account holder receives money to wager from the house. Usually, the incentive allows players to learn how to bet before spending personal funds.

The welcome bonus entices the bettor to continue wagering on eSports betting platforms, turning them into long-term customer. Bonuses usually come with stipulations. Bettors must read the fine print before depositing a boatload of cash, hoping for a matching bonus. Bonuses are usually capped to protect the house. Other restrictions may apply, such as a minimum betting requirement before withdrawing winnings.

Risk-Free Bets

Betting risk-free seems almost too good to believe. However, to attract new customers, some eSports establishments offer free wagering. For instance, if a player bets $10, he may receive an additional $5 stake. A platform may set up a matching bet with another game.

For example, if a bettor places a $40 wager on League of Legends, he may receive a complimentary wager of the same amount on another popular eSports video game tournament. These free and risk-free bets allow new users to enjoy betting action and learn the game's rules.

Accumulator Bonuses

Bettors may receive bonuses based on the number of wagers. By giving gamblers an incentive for every new wager, the house entices the bettor to participate in accumulators. Bonus percentages may vary, depending on the eSports betting platform.

Payment methods

From PayPal to Bitcoin, a number of payment methods are available for eSports bettors. When a gambler plans to wager a large sum of money, he chooses a safe financial platform. ESports betting establishments contract well-respected payment providers. Some popular payment methods include MasterCard or Visa credit cards and PayPal.

As eSports gambling expands across the globe, the number of online payment methods for eSports betting is growing. Bank transfers and digital wallets compete with traditional payment methods, such as bank transfers, to provide payment transfer services for eSports betting deposits and withdrawals.

Attractive odds

Bettors always prefer favorable odds. ESports betting provides three types of odds, including fractional, decimal, and American. For bookies who write decimal odds using decimals, such as 1.50, winner returns are derived from multiplying a wager by the decimal number. For instance, a bettor who wagers $10 will win $15 on a bet with 1.50 odds. The bettor receives a $5 profit on $15 of winnings.

Odds in fractional forms, such as 3/1, give a bettor a profit based upon the 1st numeral. For example, for every $10 bet on 3/1 odds, the bettor makes $30, plus the $10 wager for a total $40 return. American odds include a minus sign for the favored team and a plus sign for the team less likely to win. The number that follows the symbol is an indication of the possible profit on a $100 bet. Esports bettors across the globe seek the most favorable odds to win as much money as possible.

Game collection

Competition between eSports betting websites is fierce. Therefore, a robust game collection may help to attract gamblers. Some popular sites focus on only one particular game, like League of Legends. Some betting websites form exclusive partnerships with specific gaming brands.

Others offer a variety of choices for game matches and tournament choices for gamblers to place a wager. A game collection is one of the most important aspects of attracting new and seasoned bettors to an eSports betting establishment.

Innovative technologies

New technologies for eSports betting are providing each bettor with a seamless experience. From blockchain technology to instant odds generators, companies are researching new and innovative ways to track matches, tournaments, and bets.

Betting on specific outcomes, such as which game participants finish in the top spots, is fueled by new advances. From betting to payments, online technological innovation is making it easier for eSports platforms to operate efficiently.

Highly responsive support

With millions of gamblers online, support is essential to ensure happy customers. Platforms use a variety of methods to allow customers to interact with online support. With chat support, a bettor may submit a question via a chatbox and speak with a customer service representative in real-time.

Some platforms offer around-the-clock customer service via an 800 phone number. Email support allows gamblers to submit a querry and receive an answer within 24 hours. Top-tier eSports betting platforms offer all of these options for website visitors who have questions.

Mobile apps

Mobile phone users are sparking growth in eSports gambling. Millions of gamblers bet using smartphones. For companies, it's essential to market to this important market segment and provides robust mobile solutions. Betting platforms using cutting-edge technology offer the same betting experience on mobile that gamblers experience on the brand's website.

How we rate and review new betting sites

Tracking developments in the eSports industry is crucial for reviewing new betting websites to provide readers with information about how these platforms align with trends and developments in the market.

From breaking news to data, providing access to information about emerging platforms helps readers make informed decisions about which establishments offer the best betting services. Here are some of the criteria we use to evaluate eSports betting platforms.

Safety and security

Websites require strong security protocols to ensure account holder details are safe. Experts in the industry employ encryption, 2-factor authorization, password requirements, and other safety measures to protect user information. Internal technology departments often perform checks to review transactions and ensure that the platform is operating at the highest security level.

Betting market variety

Bettors are looking for different ways to wager. From match betting to betting on which team will finish in the top five, wagering on eSports is becoming more sophisticated every year. Using innovative technology, platforms can track a variety of different types of bets efficiently.

Betting odds

Gamblers compare eSports betting platforms to find the best odds. Readers may decide on the betting establishments, which consistently offer favorable odds to account holders by reviewing data. Relying on expert historical data, professional bettors develop a strategy for winning. Odds play a vital role in helping bettors wager and effectively choose favored teams and individual players.

Live streaming

In order to bet on tournaments, it's crucial for gamblers to view matches live. Live streaming allows bettors to follow the action in real time before placing a wager. By reading about live streaming capabilities, our readers remain competitive.

As the eSports market continues in rapid development and innovation, it's vital to stay in the know about industry changes and the platforms offering the best overall services to eSports betting enthusiasts. Our website provides a valuable service by tracking and reporting market developments.

Responsible gaming

It's vital for bettors to self-monitor to avoid at-risk behavior. For teens, parental monitoring is vital to ensure youth safety. Gambling addiction has long been viewed as an adult issue. However, recent studies show that millions of 14 to 21 year old youths are addicted to online gambling. These are troubling statistics for the eSports market, which often caters to teenagers who play video games.

Parents and guardians must take extra precautions, such as online parental controls to ensure that teenagers are playing safely. For adults, eSports betting platforms may provide options for opting out of play after spending a certain amount of money. Referrals to organizations who provide gambling addiction assistance is also offered on licensed eSports betting websites.

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