August 4, 2022

A Bettors Guide: Upcoming Rocket League Events 2022

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The eSports gaming industry has been a standout attraction for years now. And while there is all manner of shooter titles, most eSports gamers become a bit cagey of generic titles and predictable game modes. Rocket League players are such a lucky lot. This eSports title stands out in its genre for delivering a solid attraction, thanks to its fascinating concept. Fast forward, Rocket League boasts an impressive list of competitive events.

A Bettors Guide: Upcoming Rocket League Events 2022

How Rocket League Became of Force in the Esports World

Most people are somewhat intrigued about what makes Rocket League a force to reckon with in the eSports world. Simple, its simplicity to players, fans, and eSports bettors alike.

For starters, Rocket League games give players the flexibility to jump in and play at their convenience. Players who get lucky to employ the game's tools and their tactics better than the rest should not have a difficult time playing at higher levels.

On the other hand, Rocket League fans can always tune in and follow the action without worrying about complex rules. The game's fundamental premise is simple – cars hit a soccer ball into the opponent's goal area. This is undoubtedly an easy concept to understand and start rooting for any team.

Those who wish to place wagers on Rocket League events and tournaments are not left out either. It only takes a few glances, with due diligence, to start placing eSports bets on Rocket League betting markets.

Watching Rocket League Events in 2022

Most Rocket League eSports tournaments are online-based. This essentially means that there are no dedicated venues or live audiences. In most instances, the action is streamed on popular streaming platforms such as Twitch and Youtube.

The 2021-2022 Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) has been one of a kind. For starters, players will be competing for a larger prize pool, more regions, and a new format. With Fall, Winter, and Spring Splits complete, Rocket league players and fans have set their sights on the World Championships.
Here are the dates for the upcoming RLCS events in 2022:

  • Wildcard: August 4 - 7
  • Main Event: August 4 - 14

please keep in mind that tournament dates are often subject to change

The Wildcard

The Wildcard is the first of two stages in the World Championship. Under the new format, 16 teams stand a chance of qualifying for the World Championship Wildcard. This event will see teams from North America, Europe, Middle East & North Africa, Oceania (OCE), South America, Sub-Sharan Africa, Asia-Pacific North, and Asia-Pacific South compete for Grand Finals
With the qualification stages still ongoing, the following teams have managed to book a slot into the WildCard:

  • The General NRG
  • Spacestation Gaming
  • Version1 / OpTic Gaming
  • Dignitas
  • Endpoint CeX
  • FURIA Esports
  • Gaimin Gladiators
  • Tam Falcons
  • Veloce Esports
  • Tokyo Verdy Esports
  • Orlando Pirates Exdee
  • Team Secret
  • Bravado Gaming
  • Karmine Corp
  • Pioneers
  • Renegades

The Wildcard will employ a Swiss format. Under this format, all contests will be a best-of-five (BO5) contest, where the first team to win three games qualifies for the next round. Only the top eight teams from the World Championship Wildcard are guaranteed a spot in the Main Event group stages. This means that eight other top-performing teams are already awaiting Wildcard winners at the group stages.

The Grand Finals

The Grand Finals will be a best of seven series. Albeit with a bracket reset. Ideally, bracket rests are applied when a team loses for the first time. Ideally, the bracket is usually reset when the winner of an upper bracket loses in the Grand Finals.

Other Rocket Leagues Worth Considering

While the RLCS claims pride in being the biggest Rocket League tournament, it is common to find eSports fans, especially bettors, looking for alternative Rocket League events worth considering. Unfortunately, the RLCS is essentially all Rocket League fans have. In addition, several A-tier tournaments are played on a regional basis (regional tournaments) affiliated with the RLCS.

While there could be lower-level tournaments, most of them aren't usually covered by eSport betting sites. So anyone eager to place wagers on Rocket League eSports tournaments should focus on the RLCS.

Rocket League Esport Betting Tips

For starters, Rocket League markets are highly covered by most eSport betting sites. So the best way to get started is to sift through these options and choose the best eSports bookie.

It is usually not wise for a player to jump in and immediately start placing bets. First, bettors, for a moment, should take a back seat and pay attention to eSport betting tips. This way, it becomes easier to identify teams with the upper hand.

Another worthwhile online eSports betting tip should be understanding the game's mechanics. Going through the game's rules might be a great way to get started. Of course, betting on a team with the most wins often seems brilliant, but this is usually not an adequate assurance of making the correct pick.

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