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Mastering Proud Quests in Granblue Fantasy: Relink - Unlock, Build, and Conquer

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Getting to Proud difficulty quests in Granblue Fantasy: Relink is a huge task, but completing them and facing Proto Bahamut is even more grueling. Before deciding whether it’s worth the effort, take a look at our complete list of Proud quests and their suggested power levels.

Mastering Proud Quests in Granblue Fantasy: Relink - Unlock, Build, and Conquer

Unlocking Proud Quests

To unlock Proud quests, you have to clear all Maniac mode quests marked with the swords icon—they’re unlocked right after you finish Rolan’s jobs in Extreme mode. Once you’ve done that, here are all the Proud quests you will have access to, in order of recommended PWR.

  • The Final Report: Defeat Bahamut Versa (Advised PWR: 10,000)
  • Blazing Trial: Defeat Vrazarek Firewyrm (Advised PWR: 11,000)
  • Grounded Trial: Defeat Corvell Earthwyrm (Advised PWR: 11,000)
  • Stormy Trial: Defeat Elusious Windwyrm (Advised PWR: 11,000)
  • Frigid Trial: Defeat Willinus Icewyrm (Advised PWR: 11,000)
  • Worst Vacation Ever: Defeat Gerasene and two Nazarbonju (Advised PWR: 13,000)
  • Trade Barriers: Defeat Rock Golem and two Quakadile (Advised PWR: 13,000)
  • Melting Pot of Hostility: Defeat Ancient Dragon and two Infernadile (Advised PWR: 13,000)
  • Banquet of Ice and Corpses: Defeat Scarmiglione and two Blizzardile (Advised PWR: 13,000)
  • For a Freer Folca: Defeat Goblin Warrior and two Griffin (Advised PWR: 13,000)
  • A Quest of Fire and Earth: Defeat Vrazarek Firewyrm and Corvell Earthwyrm (Advised PWR: 15,000)
  • A Quest of Frost and Storm: Defeat Wilinus Icewyrm and Elusious Windwyrm (Advised PWR: 15,000)
  • The Wolf and the Veil: Defeat Gallanza and Maglielle (Advised PWR: 16,000)
  • Calamity Incarnate: Defeat Furycane Nihilla (Advised PWR: 16,000)
  • As Fierce as the Silver Wolf: Defeat Managarmr Nihilla (Advised PWR: 16,000)
  • Memories of Fire: Defeat Vulkan Bolla Nihilla (Advised PWR: 16,000)
  • Thunderbolts and Lightning: Defeat Radis Whitewyrm (Advised PWR: 16,000)
  • Into the Abyss: Defeat Evyl Blackwyrm (Advised PWR: 16,000)
  • The Automagod Strikes Back: Defeat Pyet-A (Advised PWR: 17,000)
  • The Tale of Bahamut’s Rage: Defeat Proto Bahamut (Advised PWR: 17,500)

Unlocking More Proud Quests

When you reach Proud Quests, they won’t all be available immediately. You unlock more as you finish the ones you can access. For instance, you have to beat “The Wolf and the Veil” to open up “Calamity Incarnate” and “As Fierce as the Silver Wolf.” Plus, to challenge Proto Bahamut and begin collecting your Terminus Weapons, you need to complete all the Proud quests first. This is why you should focus on awakening your Ascension Weapons first, instead of saving materials and hoping to get your favorite character’s Terminus Weapon.

Building Your Character

Proud quests are a true test of how well you can build your character. You need to understand which are the best Sigils and pay more attention to situational ones for certain battles. For example, using Glaciate Resistance helps in fights against Wilinus Icewyrm and Managarmr, while Firm Stance is useful against Furycane Nihilla’s push and pull skills. If you don’t use these situational Sigils, your chances of winning drop a lot.

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