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Optimize Wood Chopping in Palworld with Lumbering Pals

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Running a base in Palworld requires a team effort. To ensure the most efficient base possible, you need Pals with the proper Work Suitability, such as the Lumbering trait.

Optimize Wood Chopping in Palworld with Lumbering Pals

What is the Lumbering Work Suitability?

The Lumbering trait is represented by the stacked logs icon in the Work Suitability section of a creature's stats or Paldeck entry. When a Pal with the Lumbering trait is employed at your base, it automatically takes on tasks at structures that utilize the Lumbering skillset, such as the Logging Site. This allows you to yield Wood without having to lift a finger.

Wood is a precious resource in Palworld, as it is required for crafting various items. Having Pals with the Lumbering trait allows you to harvest as much Wood as possible, ensuring a steady supply for your base.

Which Pals can chop wood in Palworld?

Many Grass-type Pals in Palworld have the Lumbering Work Suitability, such as Lifmunk, Tanzee, and Dinossom. Additionally, Pals like Eikthyrdeer and Gorirat, who have a level two Lumbering trait, are also proficient in chopping wood. However, if you're still early in the game and want to quickly find a Pal with the Lumbering trait, there are better options available.

Here are some Pals that can chop wood:

  • Lifmunk (Lumbering level: One)
  • Tanzee (Lumbering level: One)
  • Dinossom (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Eikthyrdeer (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Mossanda (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Arsox (Lumbering level: One)
  • Gorirat (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Beegarde (Lumbering level: One)
  • Elizabee (Lumbering level: One)
  • Univolt (Lumbering level: One)
  • Pyrin (Lumbering level: One)
  • Reindrix (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Blazehowl (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Bushi (Lumbering level: Three)
  • Elphidran (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Fenglope (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Grizzbolt (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Mammorest (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Menasting (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Warsect (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Verdash (Lumbering level: Two)
  • Wumpo (Lumbering level: Three)

For a complete list of creatures with access to Lumbering, refer to our list of best Lumbering Pals in Palworld.

Best Lumbering Pals for quick, passive wood chopping

If you simply want a Pal to chop trees for you and you're not too picky about the species, the easiest Pals to catch for the job are Lifmunk and Tanzee. They can be found early in the game, close to the starting area.

To catch a Tanzee, head to the forested area between the Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance and the Fort Ruins fast-travel locations. It may take some time to find one, but it's worth the effort.

How to use a Logging Mill in Palworld

Once you have caught your Tanzee or Lifmunk (or another Lumbering Pal) and added it to your base, make sure you have a Logging Mill built and ready for work. Your Lumbering Pal will automatically begin working on it, but you can also directly assign it to the task to prioritize chopping wood. Follow these steps:

  1. Approach the Pal you want to assign to the task.
  2. Lift the Pal by pressing the corresponding keybinding when prompted.
  3. Head towards the Logging Mill or the object you want to assign the Pal to.
  4. Throw the Pal at the object by pressing the same keybinding again.

If done correctly, you will see text on the left-hand side of the screen confirming that the Pal has been assigned to the task. The Pal will continue to chop wood even when you set out for your next adventure.

Remember, utilizing logging sites at level 7 can boost wood gathering if you run low on trees.

In conclusion, running a base in Palworld requires the right Pals with the Lumbering trait. By understanding the Lumbering Work Suitability and knowing which Pals can chop wood, you can ensure a steady supply of Wood for your base. Catching Pals like Lifmunk and Tanzee early in the game can make wood chopping easier. Don't forget to build a Logging Mill and assign your Lumbering Pal to the task for maximum efficiency. Enjoy your Palworld adventure!

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