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Unibet was established in 1997 and quickly became one of the big players for betting online. It gained a reputation for sports betting and extended its operations to casino games, poker, table games, and now esports. 

The company has also created excellent bonuses and customer service, making itself one of the most trusted brands. However, that is not all, as the company has some solid security software and protocols in place to protect its players. As a result of Unibet's reputation, thousands of customers from all over the world use different currencies and languages to play esports and other games daily.

The company's headquarters are located in Malta and many other places across the globe. The casino is also owned and operated by Unibet Gaming Network and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. Licenses are also dependent on other countries or the States that the company operates in. 

What does this mean for players? Unibet follows the rules and regulations seriously as stipulated by a license. It takes the grievances and concerns of players and tries to solve them because it is in the company's professional and legal interest to abide by a license.  

Unibet has global reach

Unibet's reputation and popularity mean that the company extended its betting sites into the U.S online betting market. However, the types of betting and bonuses depend on the state where Unibet is offering esports and other types of games. 

Unibet has experienced success thus far in selected states and is growing in popularity. The company has the usual sleek betting websites, apps, efficient deposits, and withdrawal methods. This is regardless of the location.  

Unibet's popularity

The most popular sports to bet on include soccer, tennis, MMA, MLB, and more. Esports is also slowly gaining traction but is not the best performer. The newer status of this type of betting is still largely unknown by many betters, and there is still a lot of knowledge that needs to be shared with new users.  

Many opportunities for eSports

Players also have a fantastic opportunity to make a deposit at Unibet and get to know their selection of esports. Some of the games include Counter-Strike: GO, Dota2, League of Legends, and Starcraft 2. Players not only get to play or bet on the newest trends in gaming but also receive a welcome bonus for signing up and making a deposit at Unibet. 

The betting for esports is different from sports and casino betting. For example, there is no first strike bet in these types of bets. This means that a different strategy is needed for trying to bankroll and make money.  

Trusted payment methods

Unibet uses conventional payment methods for deposits and withdrawals. They support VIsa, Mastercard, PayPal, PayNearMe, prepaid cards, and bank transfers. The company also has decided not to delve into the world of cryptocurrency, and this may put off some customers. 

There may be changes to this sometime in the future but there are no indications of this at the moment (as of 2021). The basic payment methods of using cards and e-wallets still cover most players wanting to get into esports.  

Why Bet at Unibet?

Unibet has enabled numerous payment options for laptop and mobile users. Players can easily make deposits and withdrawals by following the instructions accordingly. The payment methods must be supported by Unibet and be sent through online banking and other methods. 

The player needs to have an account either from payment methods that support international boundaries. Allot this means a safe and secure site to deposit money and get playing without too many hassles.

Once the player has an account, then the transfer of funds can be made immediately to an individual Unibet account. Players can also be assisted at the cashier by requesting an online bank transfer. The player will be required to enter their banking identification and password to complete the transaction. Whenever deposits are approved, players will receive confirmation emails and reference numbers.

While Unibet has been slow to take up the cryptocurrency, it has enough payment methods to keep players coming back for an easy and enjoyable experience.

Pros and cons with Unibet


The navigation and design of the sites are attractive, clean, and easy to use. There are plenty of games, and betting options are displayed clearly at the top of the screen.

Esports are easy to access with just a few clicks, and there is a good selection of esports titles and betting variations. Unibet is looking to update the titles or add more to the catalog regularly.

A huge range of betting options for esports include the pistol round winner, map winner, teams, players with the most wins, exact scores, parlay bets, point spreads, or moneyline bets. Other bets include first kills, most kills, and more.

Unibet is offered in states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Arizona, and other states. It is early days for Unibet in the U.S, so they will continue to expand.  

Customer service is quick and efficient. Unibet can be contacted via live chat, phone, and email. That means convenience for all players no matter their individual needs.  

There is a simple app that offers many of the same games as PC games. Use esports on the app and much more. Look out for all the same bonuses and promotions.  

There is an attractive welcome bonus with a 100% match deposit and other promotions.  


  • No cryptocurrency as a payment method
  • Withdrawals can be as slow as 5 days
  • There have been reports of slow customer service

Available on mobiles and laptops

Unibet can be accessed on mobile devices from the app or webpage, and players have the opportunity to play at any time of the day and in different locations. Unibet is designed simply and the navigation is easy and efficient for both amateurs or long-term betters. 

Payers also need to be aware that an app can be downloaded for different types of games. The apps are compatible with modern Android and iOS devices. For those with less phone memory, it is also possible to enjoy the Unibet website via browser. The website doesn't require any downloading, and a visit is all that is required on a personal phone.


Unibet has followed the trend and added many esports to the website's catalog. It takes time to find such games on the site, and there is still more learning required for many amateurs who are new to this type of betting. However, Unibet has done an excellent job of creating competitive games with a wide range of bets. The esports market is small and is slowly gaining traction in many places all over the world.  

Top favorite eSports at Unibet

Some of the top esports games include Counter-Strike: GO, Dota2, League of Legends, and Starcraft 2. The sites all have different types of games and tournaments. There are also many different options for betting, such as parlay bets, point spreads, or moneyline bets. Other bets include first kills, most kills, and other ways to try and have a win. This is only a taste of the unique betting available. Here are a few of the games offered by Unibet;

CS:GO: is a first-person shooter created in 2012. Players have to win battlefields against other teams with weapons and strategy. Each team has around five players and joins a battle or tournament for cash and bets. Some different tournaments here include the DreamHack Open, ESEA Premier, and many more. One can bet on first kills, most kills, items, and much more.

League of Legends (LoL): is another multiplayer favorite in an old war setting. Players must destroy another army to win. It is a very popular game and features many tournaments like LPL Spring and many others. There are many ways to bet on this site and it includes moneyline, match winners, and other bets.

Starcraft: is a strategy game set in the future. The game can be played by up to eight players, and players try to destroy others to survive or win the game. Attack and defense are important ways to win these esports games. Popular tournaments include. TeamLiquid, StarLeague, and other tournaments. People can bet on Moneyline, matchwinners, and first kill bets.

Dota 2: is another battlefield type of game video game made for multiplayer exchanges between two teams of around five players. It has is an excellent game made popular globally because of its excitement and heaps of prize money. Tournaments include the DOTA Pro Circuit, Epic League Season 3, and more tournaments. There is another chance to bet on the match winner and more.

Some other types of betting may include the Pistol round winner, map winner, teams, players with the most wins, exact scores, and much more. This can change depending on the game so check the site for more information about betting.


How to make a withdrawal at Unibet

Making a withdrawal is an easy process at Unibet and can be completed on mobiles or laptops. Just go to the banking section at the top of the screen. Click withdrawal and choose the Unibet payment method. There is a minimum and maximum withdrawal amount, which depends on the location.

Withdrawing will take longer than deposits because Unibet will need to check identity documents and verify them. The usual processing time depends on the payment method and may take minutes to days. There are also no fees, but accounts are verified completely before giving money to players. Daily withdrawal limits also apply. Check with support before making a withdrawal.


Unibet provides support to its customers through instant live chat, direct phone calls, and email addresses provided in the contact details. Unibet is providing these means for communication to ensure quality service and security. The customer support provided includes assisting customers in registering online, solving issues when logging in, payment issues, and withdrawing the money from a casino account.

A player can simply contact Unibet 24/7. The customer can have quick and direct contact with the provider through instant live chat and phone calls. Emails can take an hour to three hours to get a response from the provider. However, this type of contact is easy and fast. 

Unibet resolves any concerns when there is a detection of cyberattacks. It can block the customer's account to prevent any further activity. The company values their customers and want them to have a smooth experience when playing and gambling online.


Unibet is well known for its bonuses and promotions, which are either sport-specific or for general betters. Players should watch out for codes that are prompted all over the web. These codes activate bonuses and promotions. 

The bonuses come in the form of deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses, and much more. They are based on different types of betting like sports, poker, and even esports. Check promotions and bonuses regularly, and remember that Unibet has country and state-specific information under their bonus tabs  

Bonuses & deposits at Unibet

Unibet Casino has a no-nonsense welcome bonus which depends on the player's location. Users receive bonus money based on the amount deposited on the first deposit. Bonuses depend on the country or area of the States like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. They all offer different amounts for the welcome bonus and other promotions. It is impossible to give an exact welcome bonus for the U.S because area-specific bonuses apply. 

Most new players receive a welcome bonus, which is usually a matched 100% just for creating an account and depositing funds. Other bonuses include reloading bonuses which reward funds for more deposits. Moneyline bets give a boost for more winnings and parlay bonuses which also add a percentage to the bet. Specific esports bonuses also pop up occasionally.  

Sign-up process at Unibet

Users must sign up and create an account to activate a welcome bonus code. Players also need to go to the Unibet website and click on the 'Register' or 'Join' button. Follow the process, fill in personal details and create a username and password. Enter the Unibet Bonus Code and then make a deposit for a bonus and verify the email address. Contact customer service through email, live chat, and phone for more information about signing up.

Bonus requirements at Unibet

Bonus requirements differ on the Unibet websites. An example of a bonus starts with a promo code to receive a $10 casino bonus plus a 100% match on a first deposit up to $500. Wagering applies such as a roll-over requirement and an expiry date. Bonuses have minimum and maximum amounts that can be awarded. 

Be sure to fully read through the terms and conditions of the Unibet Bonus before activating the bonus. Wagering requirements can be a source of frustration for many uninformed players, so be careful


Setting up an account on Unibet is quick and simple. It can be set up through a laptop or mobile phone in minutes. When the account is set up, the player can access esports through any of those devices. The setup of the account is as follows;

First, the player will go to the home page of Unibet and select the join in button. The button will lead the new player towards several steps. The first step is to enter a valid email address and confirm it. Then fill in the first and last name, phone number, physical address, location, and other information.

Once those steps are completed, the player will need to login in using the code provided. After a successful login, the player will add in the bank details and make a deposit, which will be credited to their account, so the player can fully participate in online gaming.

It is not difficult to set up an account since the steps are few and direct. The player needs to provide personal information, which includes name, address, and state name. Also, the player should provide an active phone number, email, identification card, and bank account or card details for the deposit. A welcome bonus usually follows an account creation.


Unibet has many secure payment options available for deposits and withdrawals. Cards, prepaid cards, and e-wallets are available, along with a few other alternative methods. Unibet charges no withdrawal fees but a bank or other third-party provider may charge for their services.


Unibet is a trusted site with excellent safety and security measures during operations. Unibet has a license and recognizes gaming and betting association laws within particular states and countries that it's permitted to operate. 

Furthermore, the security software and encryption continue to be updated with the latest versions to prevent unauthorized tampering with the system. Unibet will request personal information provided by players, such as identification and payment information. This mainly happens when players register or withdrawal money.

Things for players to look out for

Online players should look at several things to ensure security and safety when playing online. Mainly, the players should be able to recognize phishing scams, which are made through well-designed emails sent by official online betting companies that request players to send in personal information and banking details. The players should be aware of the registered official emails that the online game company will communicate through. The company will never ask any player to send in personal payment details to activate their online gaming account. Therefore, when a player receives an email asking for such details, it should report it immediately.

Tips & Tricks

Research esports carefully before placing a bet by checking the Unibet blogs and news sections. Information is shared about recent matches and tournaments. It also contains Unibet's new features or bonuses. 

Several prediction sites have also popped up on the internet, and they give information about statistics and other factors to think about. Other information includes match history, current form, and injuries, among others. It will give a deeper understanding of what is being bet on. This is a long-term strategy that will result in more wins and a better bankroll.  

Managing a bankroll

Players need to manage a bankroll properly to succeed and enjoy betting and wagering for esports. Consider the odds and what is the best amount to wager for a single bet. A betting strategy that respects losses and wins without too many emotions attached is important. Players need to consider an increase or decrease in bets based on the previous history.

Finally, it is important to set aside enough money for the next bet. This means that any potential losses will not result at the end of betting. The next bets can be made and there is potential for more playing time and opportunities for getting the losses back. 

Fees for making deposits and withdrawals should be considered in a bankroll. Considering limits is another part of bankroll because it can affect the flow of winnings or losses. When a proper bankroll strategy, is in place, be sure to use money set aside for gambling.

Putting some rules in place that reflect personal ideas about gambling and doing the calculations makes room for having more fun on the esports. It takes some of the guesswork and anxiety from the actual playing itself.


How long does it take to make deposits or withdraw money?

Deposits and withdrawals depend on the payment method and where Unibet is located across the world. Deposits are usually quick and go through within minutes. Withdrawals depend on the verification of people in each location. They can take days to go through. However, rigorous verification is essential for preventing fraud and other undesirable activities.

What type of bets can gamblers make?

Bets include first kills, most kills, items, moneyline, match winners, a pistol round winner, the map winner, teams, players with the most wins, exact scores, and much more. Esports betting is a completely new and unique way to have a punt. This is a good reason to check it out. It is fresh and something that will be out of the ordinary for many long-term players accustomed to the usual casino games or sports betting.

When will more esports games come about?

It seems like most betting websites with esports have similar types of games. Much depends on the creators and the popularity of new games. Unibet needs to ensure that any new game is a profitable venture. This means that more eSports are on the way, but it must be both economical and fair for players and Unibet. Lastly, the games must be enjoyed by a wide audience, and good games probably will not make it onto the site.

Why should Unibet be trusted?

Unibet will not operate without adequate licensing and takes player security seriously. It is a legal obligation they always abide by. They use (SSL) encryption and the latest authentication process for verifying players. Furthermore, Unibet has received many favorable reviews at sites and continues to be known as a trustworthy betting site.

What eSports Can I Bet On?

Games include Counter-Strike: GO, Dota2, League of Legends, and Starcraft 2. Other games often make short appearances on the site. There is a range of different things to bet on, such as tournaments.

Who can play esports with Unibet?

Anyone over the age of 18 years old or 21 years can play esports with Unibet. Players also need to have an email address, identification, and other essential information to register. New players will also need to have one of the payment methods outlined on the website. Players with serious gambling problems should refrain from the site.

Where can U.S players access Unibet?

Only certain states allow betting at Unibet in the U.S. They include New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Indiana, and Virginia. There are rumors that some other states are showing interest in Unibet. In the future, access to Unibet may become even bigger in the States.

Which payment methods are available?

State-specific methods include Prepaid Cards, PayNearMe, credit and debit cards. Contact customer support for more information about which payment method is suitable. Every location is slightly different. However, Unibet does ensure that they use trusted payment methods.

Is there good support available?

Unibet provides support to its customers through live chat, phone calls, and emails. The site provides this service so that its customers can experience excellent customer service and security. Customer support assists customers with registering, solving payment issues, login problems, and withdrawing money from an online account, among other things.

Will Unibet have more esports in the future?

There is a wide range of esports betting options at Unibet. Games include Counter-Strike:GO, Dota2, League of Legends, and Starcraft 2. Other games often make short appearances on the site. Games like World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, and Call of Duty also appear at Unibet. FIFA, Street Fighter, and Dragon Ball FighterZ are also available at certain times. Check into a Unibet site to see what is being offered.

Can one deposit cryptocurrency?

There is no indication that Unibet will embrace cryptocurrencies at this time. Players wanting to use cryptocurrency will need to look for another payment method on the Unibet site. However, no one can rule out the possibility of the site embracing the crypto in the future.

Responsible Gaming

Online betting may result in obsession and bankruptcy for some players. Customers can request self-exclusion when a player notices a rise in debts and too much time being used for online gambling. The self-exclusion allows the player to take time off from all online gaming for one to five years or more. It is even possible to be excluded for life for those with very serious gambling problems.

Also, players are required to monitor their financial status and not deposit all their money within an online betting site. Players are advised to only select a deposit limit that is affordable and can keep finances in check.

Never bet more than can be afforded and set limits. Betting shouldn't affect a person's life. Also, it should never be seen as an investment but only a hobby that could result in potential losses and a fun chance to win.

It is fun to bet on high odds every so often. For example, betting on accumulator bets means higher odds are calculated. Of course, high odds mean lower chances for the event to occur. Bigger odds mean that a win is harder to chase, but it can result in more money after a win. These bets should be considered carefully as a result. There are occasions when the high odds may have a better chance after doing some research. Hence, proper analysis and bankroll should be considered carefully.


Unibet works with different international payment methods and a diversity of online players. To meet this challenge, it is linked to payment methods with the use of Security Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Such technology complies with the Payment Card Industries Data Security Standard. 

This ensures the security of players' payment information, which is verified on depositing or withdrawing to the players' gaming account. The Security Socket Layer is activated at the same time to prevents cyber attackers from accessing bank accounts and other data.

Unibet protects users from getting scammed based on the latest software and encryption. The player has to follow verification steps when logging in. Activation codes are sent via text message to a mobile number that was registered when setting the account up.


How to make a deposit at Unibet

A deposit will depend on the location of the Unibet website. There is a general process to go through before money will be deposited. First, players must register on the website, and then a deposit is required to receive the welcome bonus. 

A minimum deposit of around $10 is required to get playing and make a deposit. Unibet offers a range of safe and secure payment methods. Deposit timing, limits, and methods also depend on each site. Deposits usually go through within minutes.

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