Ranking of the Best eSports Bookmakers with WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay is a digital wallet and mobile payment service offered by a Chinese company, WeChat. This payment service is to pay bills, transfer money between contacts, and order goods and services, as long as the payment recipient accepts the WeChat Pay option.

The digital wallet is usually linked to credit or debit cards for loading funds. Users can also link WeChat Pay directly to their bank accounts. Another easy way of topping up the balance is by receiving payments.

Ranking of the Best eSports Bookmakers with WeChat Pay
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Nowadays, it is a popular payment option among eSports punters. Its popularity in online gaming circles can be attributed to some standout benefits over other alternatives. As a result, numerous eSports bookmakers have it on their list of payment options.

About WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay was started in 2016. Users had to pay a fee during the early years when sending, receiving, and withdrawing funds. However, the company stopped charging money transfer functions within the same year. Notably, fees for withdrawal amounts that are less than 1000 Yuan were also waived. Any withdrawals above the 1000-Yuan limit attracted a charge of 0.1 percent of the payment.

By 2019, WeChat Pay had more than 800 million active users, more than 35% of the market share. WeChat Company also introduced WeChat Pay HK, which offered services in Hong Kong. By the end of 2019, WeChat Pay was available to users in over 25 countries spread across the world, including the UK, South Africa, and Italy. Currently, WeChat Pay remains most popular in China.

WeChat Pay offers four payment options. The first one is Quick Pay, which requires the recipient to scan a QR code. The second is QR code payments, in which the users have to scan the QR codes created by vendors. The third option is in-app web-based payment.

For this, vendors have to send product messages to users via their official accounts, allowing users to buy the products on the shopping page. The last option is the In-App payment. For that, vendors have to integrate WeChat Pay SDK into their WeChat apps.

How to deposit with WeChat Pay

Depositing funds to an eSports betting site is quite easy and takes a very short time. However, the service is not instant as it usually takes some time before funds reflect in the gambling account. Before starting the deposit process, a user must ensure that the eSports bookmaker accepts WeChat Pay deposits.

New punters will need to register on a bookmaker site that meets the criteria. The punters must also have regular WeChat accounts, verified and linked to a bank, credit, or debit card. The account must also contain enough funds and activate the WeChat Pay features.

Punters need to log into the eSports betting sites and go to the payments page to begin the deposit process. They then should choose the WeChat Pay deposit method, which will prompt them to enter the deposit amount. The betting site will then generate a QR code that the punters scan.

After scanning the code, the punters only need to confirm the transaction using a touch ID or a unique pin. No fee is charged for depositing money into a gambling account using WeChat Pay. The maximum amount a punter can deposit within a day depends on whether a PIN has been set. If a PIN is set, the limit is RM5000 per day and RM1500 per money packet.

How to make a withdrawal with WeChat Pay

The withdrawal process is also relatively easy. Users need to start by confirming that they have enough funds in their eSports betting accounts to make a withdrawal. Then, they should ensure that the betting site offers WeChat Pay as one of the withdrawal options.

It is important to note that most betting sites offer WeChat Pay as a deposit method but not for withdrawals. Currently, very few betting sites allow punters to withdraw using this option. Such gambling sites have a limited number of punters, usually high rollers only.

The withdrawal option in eSports betting sites is usually availed after contacting the customer service. The punters only need to request the managers to transfer their winnings via WeChat Pay. They only need to receive the money via their WeChat app using the normal receiving process. The betting site usually decides which WeChat Pay payment method to use.

Considering that most bookmarkers are yet to add WeChat as a withdrawal option, eSports players on such sites are advised to explore alternative withdrawal solutions. And when the opportunity to make withdrawals comes about, hopefully soon, the chances are that bettors will not have to worry about casino withdrawal fees.

WeChat Pay Pros and Cons


  • No transaction charges: There is no fee charged for depositing money using WeChat Pay. That helps punters manage their bankroll more effectively.
  • Optimal security: WeChat Pay is a secure payment method. Players do not have to worry about losing their money if they take relevant precautions.
  • Easy to use: WeChat Pay is among the easiest deposit methods offered by most bookmakers. A user only needs to scan a QR code to make the deposit, leaving very little room for error.


  • Deposits take time: It usually takes several hours for money deposited into an eSports gambling site to reflect in the account balance. That makes it inconvenient for punters who wish to play immediately.

WeChat Pay account opening process

Any eSports player looking forward to opening an account should download the WeChat application. The WeChat app can be found in all the major app stores and supports android and iOS. However, the international WeChat version does not have the Wallet menu, meaning punters looking forward to using this payment option eSports have to download the Chinese version.

Users can also activate the wallet menu by changing the app language to Chinese and switching it back to the preferred language. Punters must then register for the social service by inputting their details. Details usually include name, phone number, email address, and location address. Punters should ensure they provide accurate information to avoid having problems during the verification process.

The next step is to activate WeChat Pay feature after activating the wallet, allowing users to make or receive payments. Users can then go to the wallet menu and select the ‘cards’ option. Upon clicking this option, they will be redirected to a page to add their card information. However, the card added has to be issued by a Chinese bank. Adding a card is as simple as filling in the card information on the page.

Users also have the option of linking WeChat Pay with their bank account. The main conditions to registering for a WeChat Pay account are that users must be above 18 years and have a card or bank account with a Chinese bank.

WeChat Pay customer support options

WeChat Pay offers only one official channel for contacting customer service representatives, email. Notably, it takes up to 72 hours before the support team can respond to sent emails. That means users requiring urgent help cannot get it from customer service representatives. However, the responses are usually professional and friendly.

For urgent assistance, users can join online WeChat Pay forums. The forums usually have a lot of information and other users who are always willing to help. Another source of help with WeChat Pay issues is social media. However, users should be careful when using WeChat Pay forums and social media to get help as they may get incorrect information or land in scammers’ traps.

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