All About Call of Duty Betting Odds

When we talk about first-person shooters, probably the first game that comes to mind is Call of Duty. A ton of people consider this esport game to be the pioneer for first-person shooters. COD is also one of the most popular games, with millions of gamers from around the world regularly playing Call of Duty. Tons more gamers are getting into Call of Duty as a new game gets released each year.

You might already know about everything that we have mentioned above. However, one thing that you might not know about CoD is that tons of people regularly take part in cod betting. If you are also thinking of getting into Call of Duty betting, the first thing you should learn more about is Call of Duty betting odds.

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All You Need to Know About Betting Odds for Call of Duty

There are a ton of betting terms that you will need to learn if you are thinking of getting into Call of Duty betting. However, by far one of the most important terms that you will need to learn about is betting odds, which in our case is Call of Duty betting odds. Betting odds is one of the key components of gambling, without which gambling is essentially incomplete.

There are several advantages of learning more about betting odds. Betting odds tell you some important information about the bets you are making. Also, there are several types of betting odds called odd formats, with each format having a different method for reading the odds. All of this and more will be discussed here, so keep on reading.

CoD Betting Odds Explained

In simple terms, Call of Duty betting odds are odds for CoD betting markets. But what are "odds?" Bookmakers use odds to represent the chances of an outcome occurring in a Call of Duty esports match. Odds also tell you exactly what you will get in return if you win a bet.

For example, let's say that the finals for a major Call of Duty tournament are currently being held. Several possible outcomes can happen in the grand finals. First of all, Team A could win the finals. Secondly, Team B could win the finals. Another possible outcome is that team A gets the first kill. To represent what are the chances of these outcomes occurring, bookmakers use odds.

It is super important that you have looked at the odds for a particular outcome before you bet on it. There are two main reasons for that. First of all, without betting odds, you have a much higher chance of losing the bet. When you look at betting odds, you get a better idea of what outcome has the highest chance of occurring.

Secondly, betting odds also help you decide if placing a bet on a particular outcome has enough return that it is worth the risk for you.

Types of Call of Duty Betting Odds

To figure out what the odds tell you, you need to learn how to read betting odds. There are several types of Call of Duty betting odds, with Decimal odds and Fractional odds being the most common.

American odds are also used for Call of Duty betting, but it is rare to come across a platform that offers American odds. The method for reading each of these types of odds, or odd formats, is different from each other. Here are the most popular types of Call of Duty odds and how to read them.

Fractional Odds

Fractional odds use a fraction with two numbers, like 3/2 or 5/2. With odds of 3/2, if you bet $2 and win, you get $3 in return. In the same way, if you bet $100 and win, you get $150 in return. In both these cases, $1 and $50 is your reward for winning the bet. Since this is less than two times the return, this outcome has a higher chance of occurring.

Decimal Odds

Decimal odds are probably the easiest to understand. Decimal odds use a number with a decimal, like 5.0 or 3.1, which is the multiple for the return you get for winning. So, if you bet $100 and win a bet with odds of 3.1, you get $310 (3.1 x 100) in return. Since this is more than a two-times return, this outcome has fewer chances of occurring.

American Odds

This type of odd format uses a number with either a positive or a negative sign. For example, -150 and +210. -150 tells you that you need to bet $150 to win $100, and +210 tells you that you will get $210 for betting $100.

Where to Find The Best CoD Odds

While it is necessary to look at Call of Duty betting odds before you make a bet, it is also important to make sure that you are getting good odds. Good odds provide you with a decent return. Since each betting platform has slightly different betting odds for the same outcome, you might not get a good return at certain betting sites, despite betting on risky outcomes.

The way that you figure out what betting sites are offering the best betting odds is simply by taking a look at what odds are offered by several platforms. You will have to go to several betting sites and compare the betting odds offered at each of them.

However, the problem with trying out several betting sites before deciding on the one with the best betting odds is that it is a rather time-consuming process. If you don't have free time to do that, you can check out EsportRanker, which is a great site that has reviews for tons of betting sites where the review process also includes evaluating the quality of betting odds.

The Best Live Call of Duty Betting Odds

If you are new to betting, you will probably be surprised to hear that you can also make bets on Call of Duty esports events as they take place. This type of betting is called live betting, where you place bets on a match after it has started.

Call of Duty is a fast-paced game. Situations can change in a matter of seconds. At the beginning of a CoD esports match, Team A might have a higher chance of winning. As the match progresses, this can change completely and Team B might become more likely to win. For this reason, bookmakers keep updating the odds during a match. These odds are called live betting odds.

There are several advantages of using live betting odds over conventional odds. First of all, since you can closely monitor the match with live betting, you can make better predictions about what is more likely to happen. Along with that, you can also come across opportunities for some insane returns with live betting odds.

Bet on Call of Duty With Real Money

If you are wondering whether you can bet on Call of Duty with real money or not, then the short answer to that is yes, you can bet on Call of Duty esports events using real cash. The first step in doing that is to figure out what platform you want to use for Call of Duty betting. There are several metrics you can use to evaluate a betting site.

After deciding on a platform, register to it. Once you are registered, all you have to do is start making deposits and use them to place bets on CoD events.

With that said, Call of Duty betting might not be for everyone. If you are just a casual Call of Duty player and have never even seen a CoD esports event, you probably won't do that well in Call of Duty betting. You will most likely lose a ton of bets. However, this does not mean that you can’t try it out and slowly get better.

If you are a good esport player and have been following esports events for it a long time, Call of Duty betting is something that you should definitely give a try.


Can you bet on Call of Duty?

Yes, you can bet on Call of Duty esports events. To do that you will need to register to a betting site that offers betting markets for Call of Duty events. After that, it's simply a matter of making deposits and then using them to place bets.

Is CoD betting legal?

If you are over the legal age required for gambling and are using a platform that has proper licensing, then any gambling activity that you take part in is legal for you. However, some countries have banned gambling as a whole, so it's better to check the laws of your country before you start betting on Call of Duty.

What is the best Call of Duty betting site?

This is a subjective question because it depends on your preferences. The best betting site for you is probably not the best betting site for someone else.

However, there are certain standards that all of the top betting sites must adhere to, which include proper licensing and regulation, good betting odds, bonuses and promotions, and a decent number of betting options and betting markets.

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