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As one of the first professional esport leagues, Overwatch League (also known as OWL) represents teams from around the globe. Blizzard Entertainment launched the league in 2018 with 12 teams. After expanding to 20 teams a year later, the league began a steady ascent, fueled by the popularity of Overwatch, an esports game with 50 million players in 2018.

Player’s salaries began at $50,000 for minimum 1-year contract terms, including retirement, health insurance, housing, and practice venues for players. Teams distributed a minimum of 50 percent of revenue to the players in the form of bonuses. In the first season, the leagues champions received a $1 million minimum bonus. According to reports, Blizzard management spoke with Wes Edens, the co-owner for the Milwaukee Bucks about operating a Chicago-based team to participate in a list of esports tournaments. However, this agreement was not realized.

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About Overwatch

Overwatch entered the market in 2016, as a multiplayer team shooter game, which Blizzard Entertainment created and published. The game assigns each player to one of two teams. Each team has six players from the game’s list of characters or “heroes.” Each hero joins the game with distinct abilities, which help the team to finish objectives on the map.

Players start at endorsement level 1, progressing to level 5. With every endorsement, the player’s endorsement level is impacted. If a player doesn’t receive additional endorsements, his level may decrease. Punishments in the game’s reporting system may also strip a player of his endorsements.


Players may receive Loot Boxes, depending on the endorsement level. Higher levels result in a higher number of Loot Boxes awarded. After a player accomplishes a feat or exhibits talent, the game will unlock the badge of honor. A breakdown of all trophies is available in the main menu’s career overview section. Players may share these achievements with friends.
During the game, a player gains higher levels and unlocks options for customizing the hero’s sound and look. Customizing the character is also accessible in the main menu in the Hero Gallery.


Loot Boxes also offer options for customization. A player unlocks a box at each level up. Gamers also obtain credits to use to buy more customizing options. A player receives a Portrait Frame at each 10th level, until he has earned all of them.


Overwatch’s once vibrant, prolific community has dwindled in recent years. Still, with nearly 7 million players a month in 2022, the game is still alive and attracting worldwide participation at online esports betting sites. With most players active on social media, the game is still declining from 50 million in 2018 to recent numbers. Although most games experience a drop in player participation from year to year, Overwatch’s dramatic player decline doesn’t bode well for the future. Some experts peg the game’s drop in gamers with the lack of new content and updates.

Compared to the gamer participation on League of Legends, Fornite, and other popular games, Overwatch’s 6 million players are a drop in the bucket. These online games report robust player counts, which leaves Overwatch behind the expanding esports market and the best esports tournaments.

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