Esports Betting vs. Casino Gaming



A reality of modern-day internet gambling is that it presents endless opportunities. Punters can wager on sports and casino games with considerable ease. Also, gambling enthusiasts will always have more than enough on their hands. 

Esports Betting vs. Casino Gaming

Esports and casino/ sports betting are undoubtedly among the most preferred online gambling forms today, besides sports betting. While a great deal of the action occurs online, these two gambling arenas have a fair share of similarities and differences. So, how does eSport betting compare to online casino gambling?

Online Casino Games

Online casinos are essentially platforms where users play conventional casino games. These games are hosted on web-based platforms. A player needs a device that can access the internet, a working internet connection, and money to play. Punters play poker, roulette, slots, and blackjack titles just like traditional casinos. Regarding the gameplay, punters usually play against the casino or other patrons.

Benefits of Online Casino Gambling

  • Players are directly involved while placing bets: Some players are usually not fascinated by wagering, while others play. Online casino gambling grants players more control because they choose what to play and master their fate. While luck undoubtedly plays the most significant part, the freedom to make independent choices makes online casino games attractive.
  • Players have vast options: Another attraction of online casino games is that they offer countless opportunities. This means that if a player does not like a given casino or title, it is easier to try out other options.

Esports Games

Esports or electronic sports are competitive video games, typically played as sports. Any video game where players compete in an organized tournament is an eSport. Any video game can be used. However, there should always be a performance metric. Some popular classifications of eSports include real-time strategy, sports, racing, and fighting games.

Benefits of Esports Betting

  • Players make informed choices: While fortune still plays an important role, online eSports betting accords punters the opportunity to bet based on knowledge. This means that one can quickly watch past performers and analyze current statistics to make informed picks. With some due diligence, the chances of making the right choice often increase.
  • It is entertaining: The fun aspect of eSport betting cannot be overlooked. Any video gaming enthusiast would undoubtedly love to follow the action and probably learn a thing or two about their favorite game besides just placing bets.

Comparing Esports and Online Casino Betting

As mentioned earlier, eSports and casino betting are the internet's most popular gambling options. The eSport betting industry has grown exponentially in recent years. 

While online casinos still top the popularity, online eSports betting has become a real force, especially during the pandemic. From the current happenings in the betting industry, it remains apparent that neither option will realize massive growth without external influence.

There is no doubt that both online casinos and eSports gambling have a mutually beneficial connection. However, although eSports are relatively new, there has been a lot of debate on whether the eSports sector is more popular than the casino industry.

Could eSports Betting Be Slowly Taking Over?

Amid some standout parallels between casino and eSports gambling, it is evident that the online eSports betting industry is growing slowly and could be among the most popular forms of entertainment. 

Soon, eSports viewership could surpass sports audiences, increasing the value of the sports betting industry. But how could eSports betting, a once overlooked niche, become such a force in betting circles? Here are some standout reasons:

  • There are usually no off-seasons
  • Esport betting sites allow punters to make multiple selections in a single bet, thus increasing the player's chances of growing their bankroll
  • Most online eSport betting sites do not have minimum deposit limits
  • Esports betting is straightforward; new punters only need a few tips
  • Esports allows players to profit from their skills or hobbies.

Final Thoughts

With time, eSports will undoubtedly command a significant share of the betting industry. Covid-19 was a 'blessing' of some sort to online eSports betting, but it also favored casino gaming. 

While both eSports and casino games have unique attributes, it remains unlikely that eSports will overtake the casino industry. It will take a long time before eSports achieves the level of popularity accorded to the online casino industry if at all it happens.

It is undoubtedly hard to forecast whether the eSports betting industry will outgrow the casino sector. However, thanks to technological advances in both fields, both markets are poised to grow by double digits. But no one can tell what will happen in the future. However, one thing is assured; massive investment in the industries will pave the way for enhanced betting opportunities.

It's always best to look at the digital landscape with an open mind, as things happen fast. Hopefully, there will be massive gains in both online betting industries.

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