Your Best Apex Legends Betting Guide 2023/2024

Apex Legends is a free multiplayer shooter from Respawn Entertainment. It features a unique take on the Battle Royale genre. Players start with a limited amount of health and ammo, and they must scavenge weapons and supplies from fallen enemies. Apex Legends has become one of the biggest games in recent times.

The Game was released in February 2019. Since then, it has gained over 100 million players worldwide. It is currently the number one Battle Royale game in the Apple Store and Google Play. It took a team of developers from Respawn Entertainment (the studio behind Titanfall) six months to develop the game. They had to create a new game engine, design characters and maps, and build a community around the game.

Your Best Apex Legends Betting Guide 2023/2024
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About Apex Legends esport

About Apex Legends esport

Apex Legends is an action game where players compete in teams of three. Each team consists of five characters equipped with unique weapons and abilities. The objective is to eliminate all opponents while being careful not to destroy yourself. This means that the goal is to win as much as possible while playing for your survival.

The game is played on several maps, which vary in size. The map layout will affect how the fights play out. More specifically, you can expect more opportunities to flank enemies when the map is smaller, with more choke points and fewer places for cover.

The internet community

Players can create and join clans. Clans work like guilds in other games, and they help players find each other and communicate. If players get banned from the servers, they can quickly transfer to another server. A stable internet connection is necessary to enjoy a great online gaming session.

About Apex Legends esport
Betting on Apex Legends

Betting on Apex Legends

There are many ways to play Apex Legends, from solo matches to team battles. Similarly, there are also several betting options available to gamblers.

To participate in the betting process, you must first sign up with an online gambling site for esports. Then, you can place bets on various games or events.

You will be able to choose from live odds, prop bets, or futures wagers. As a rule of thumb, if you want to bet on something happening right now, you need to go with live odds. However, if you're going to make predictions about future events, you should use prop bets and futures wagers.

How it works

The main difference between these two types of bets is their timing. Live odds are placed at the same time as the event happens.

For example, if you bet on the outcome of Apex, you would place your bet while watching the match. On the other hand, prop Apex bets are based on current statistics and trends. They usually require more research than putting a chance on a live game.

Betting on Apex Legends
The best Apex players and teams

The best Apex players and teams

With the release of Apex Legends seasons ten and eleven, the number of players has continued to rise. The figure is expected to grow as we wait for season 12. There are already some well-known players among the one million, and the following are a few of them with their player ID numbers:

United States

  • Ryan Boyd - Reptar
  • Bryan McCarthy -iShiny


  • Simon Bellini - Vaifs
  • John Håkansson-hAKIS


  • Tomás Concha-Wolf

Players have also formed teams to compete against each other professionally. Below is a list of the top teams, along with the number of tournaments in which they have completed:

  • Team Liquid- 2117 Tournaments
  • Fnatic- 988 Tournaments
  • Evil Geniuses- 906 Tournaments
  • Natus Vincere- 571 Tournaments
  • 566 Tournaments

Why is the game loved by players?

Apex Legends is an action-packed multiplayer shooter where up to fifty players are dropped onto a map together. The Game's goal is for each player to be the last man standing. The fun part is that players can pick between characters in six different classes. Each class has its own set of weapons and abilities.

To help win battles, you'll also need to unlock new gear. All these factors bring an incredible thrill to players. They also offer numerous options for betting enthusiasts to bet on. The fact that it is a relatively new game also makes it fad-exciting.

The best Apex players and teams
Is there an Apex Legends tournament to bet on?

Is there an Apex Legends tournament to bet on?

There are currently no plans for an official Apex Legends World Cup. However, fans have started organizing unofficial tournaments around the world. Some of these events have even attracted tens of thousands of participants.

It would be great to see some official competition with a huge player base. There are several reasons why a world cup might be a good idea. For example, it could encourage more players to join the Game. It could also bring new attention to the title and increase its popularity.

The question remains whether a world cup will happen or not. Even if it does, how big will it be? Will it attract the same amount of players as Fortnite's tournament?

One of the major tournaments is the Apex Legends Global Series Championship. The competition has a prize pool of $1,000,000. Teams get selected for the Championship based on their previous performance in the cumulative ALGS Points, Winter Circuit Playoffs, and participation in Championship last-chance online competitions.

The EA announced further event crowdfunding on May 18, 2021. Skin packages contribute to the prize pool, with a maximum increase of $2,000,000 across all regions. North America and South America are the top-rated regions in the Championships.

Is there an Apex Legends tournament to bet on?
Betting on Apex Legends at online esports bookies

Betting on Apex Legends at online esports bookies

Betting on Apex Legends is not any different from betting on other esports or esports in general. It would help if you understood the Game's basic rules and picked the most suitable Apex esports bookie. The suitability of a provider varies from one player to another. An esportsbook that suits players in the US, for instance, may not be necessarily suitable to players in Africa.

A good provider should be available in your language. Their website should be highly responsive and easy to navigate. Payment methods should be convenient to the bettor, and transactions should be low if not absent. Customer support should be top-notch.

A valid operating license is also important. And, of course, having wide Apex Legends betting markets is a must.
Some of the significant Apex betting providers listed under the casino rank brand include Bet365, Betfair, GVC, Paddy Power, Sportsbet, William Hill, 888sport, and Ladbrokes.

Betting on Apex Legends at online esports bookies
Follow the best Apex Legends teams and bet accurately

Follow the best Apex Legends teams and bet accurately

To bet well on a game using an online esports bookmaker, you need to know the teams and their past performance to make a prediction.

What are some notable teams to bet on in this esport?

Apex Legends has become very popular since its release. There are currently over 50 official Apex teams across the globe. Some of them are sponsored by gaming companies or brands, while others are independent groups that play together.

You can quickly identify these teams by their names, logos, and unique uniforms and colors. These teams compete against each other in tournaments and challenge matches. Here are the top three Apex Legends teams:

Rogue (Europe)

Rogue is one of Europe's most successful Apex Legends teams. The team was formed in 2016 when three friends decided to create an esports organization. Since then, they have won several major titles, including the ESL One New York 2018 Major Championship and the North American Challenger Series 2019 Season 1 Championship.

Team Secret (China/Asia)

Team Secret is another Chinese Apex Legends team that has been around for quite some time now. It started as an APEX League team back in 2015. In 2017 it became a part of the Overwatch League, where it competed until 2019.

Luminosity Gaming (North America)

Luminosity Gaming is another prominent North American Apex Legends team. They have had many achievements throughout the past few years. For example, they were the first NA team to reach the Grand Finals in 2018.

Generally, these esports teams were into other esports before Apex was released. They were early adopters of the Game and have expanded their dominance to the Apex Legends sphere.

Follow the best Apex Legends teams and bet accurately
Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

Apex Legend's gameplay is extremely fast-paced, making the game much more enjoyable than many others. This is one of the most significant advantages of Apex Legends over Fortnite. You are constantly moving around trying to find other players or just running away from them.

There is no camping because you have to move quickly to survive. This adds an element of strategy into the game, making it even better. Also, there are many different weapons in the Game, such as shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, rocket launchers, etc.

These guns all feel great when they are firing and look fantastic too. There are also many different vehicles like tanks, hoverbikes, and jets. All these things add up to make for some exciting matches. Each match takes about 10 minutes or so, and after every game, you'll get a reward called Battle Stars.

Every time you earn three Battle Stars, you will unlock a character skin for your in-game profile where you can choose between six characters, including Tracer, Winston, Genji, Torbjorn, Hanzo, and Pharah. Overall, the gameplay is incredible.


  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Fast-paced action
  • Great graphics
  • Lots of players
  • Free to play


  • Limited weapon variety
  • No offline mode
  • Lack of customization options
  • Random loot drops can be annoying
Pros and Cons
Understanding Apex Legends betting odds

Understanding Apex Legends betting odds

How much should I bet on Apex Legends? The odds are always changing, and it can be tricky to figure out what they mean. What does a -1.5% or +1.5% mean? How do I calculate my winnings?
You can make use of two different types of odds for your bets: American Odds and Decimal Odds.

American Odds is the most commonly used betting odds in North America. It's also the easiest to understand. In this type of odds, you get an idea about how many points you will need to win, but not precisely how much money you will have won when you win.

If you were to place a 10-cent wager at 5/2, that would mean that you'll earn 40 cents, equal to 5 points if you win. You'd win four times as much as you wagered, which means you'd end up with 20 cents (for a total payout of 50 cents).

Decimal odds are more accurate than American odds. They give you the exact amount of money you'll receive if you win, including pennies and even cents. So let's say you bet on Apex at two decimal odds. That means that you could win anywhere from $0.01 to $100.00, depending on your final score. If you lost, you'd only lose $1.00.

Understanding Apex Legends betting odds
Betting tips & tricks

Betting tips & tricks

It's tough to predict how Apex Legends betting will change in the coming months.

Tournaments will most certainly adopt new formats, players will develop new strategies, and game makers will release the custom lobby function, which will completely transform the scene.
Here are gambling ideas you can use right now to help you get off to the best possible start when apex legends bets:

  • Try playing the game yourself: Once you play the game, you will have all the Game's tips and tricks on your fingertips. You will predict the Game's outcome effectively, especially live best, considering how the match is going.
  • When choosing a betting service, take your time: Don't choose the first excellent service based on what you've seen in advertisements. In addition, comparing the offers of the most popular online esports betting companies, reading test reports on bookmakers, and looking at the comments in various betting forums may all help you make an informed decision.
Betting tips & tricks
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