Your Best Arena of Valor Betting Guide 2023

Every gamer looks for the best experience, and they seemingly look for this just about every eSport game. From strategy and adventure to combat sports and everything else, there are many eSports today (as of 2022). However, some eSport games have proved to command more followings than others over time.

As a result, there are those games that have earned the status of references, and this is the rank in which anyone would confidently mention Arena of Valor. Like Dota 2 and League of Legends- to mention but a few, this game is a product of high-profile expertise and technology. Check out this post for info about this game.

Your Best Arena of Valor Betting Guide 2023
What is Arena of Valor?

What is Arena of Valor?

Shortened as AoV, Arena os Valor is a multiplayer online battle arena designed for mobile gameplay. The game is so similar to League of Legends that you may think it is a version of the latter. It also borrows a few Dota 2 aspects. With this game, you virtually square out with stars. Yes, you have what it takes to demonstrate your mastery of the console.

What is the game about?

With AoV, Tencent, the game's developers went an extra mile to ensure you're in the midst of a jungle, whose only way is war. Your opponents are equipped with the most brutal blows, which means you will need to save your life with even more vigor and aggression.

Now, once you open the game, you will be right at the battle center, where you need to control everything. AoV is a game that involves strategy and total obliteration of enemies. As such, there will be massive pressure on your shoulders, so you must work hard to win the game. Blows are going on throughout the gameplay, and you must be as wise as a serpent and strong enough to remain alive at the end of it all.

Empower your players

You may seek to know from your players about their attack and defense strength, as well as their preferred positions. This way, you can evade dangerous scenes unbruised, and you will enjoy the game. If you don't know, warriors in AoV do evolve, which means you can strengthen your players.

You can give your warriors more powers by toppling your enemies and negotiating obstacles. It is also possible to steal your enemy's warriors or tweak your warriors to your preference. To be on the safe side, never try to advance to the opponent's territory without an ally on your side; that would be a costly mistake since your enemies will be firing from all directions.

What is Arena of Valor?
Betting on Arena of Valor

Betting on Arena of Valor

The success of AoV is evident, and that can be seen in the number of esportsbooks that now the esports betting. It's not surprising to find most sports betting sites jostling for AoV players, with each striving to offer the best odds. With many teams locking horns to have a share of the game's prize pools, punters have no shortage of options to choose from.

Where to bet on Arena of Valor

From hundreds of well-known betting sites, you can choose the most reliable few. And while you may not see your favorite esports bookie here, that doesn't mean it is not a good one. At EsportRanker, you can find a list of reliable and safe betting sites that offer Arena of Valor betting.

Quick procedure of betting on Arena of Valor

To bet on AoV:

  • Sign up with a sportsbook
  • Validate your betting account
  • Deposit money into the account
  • Choose an eSport match to bet on and the type of bet
  • Choose your stake and confirm bet (Round Winner, First Turret, Score Bet, etc.)
Betting on Arena of Valor
Big players in Arena of Valor

Big players in Arena of Valor

If there is one esport that has brought together a pool of highly talented players, it is Arena of Valor. As such, choosing the best from this huge pool may be a big task since everyone has their own preferences. However, no matter the criteria you use, the following names have always been synonymous with AoV.

  • Peng Yunfei
  • Youqi Cai
  • Lin Heng
  • Li Daheng
  • Chen Zhengzheng
  • Zhang Cong
  • Jiang Tao
  • Luo Siyuan
  • Fan Yang
  • Zhong Letian

Biggest teams of the game

The easiest way to identify the best teams in any tournament is by looking at their achievements. Based on this, here are some of the names that rule the AoV esport world in no defined order.

  • EDward Gaming
  • Talon Esports
  • Royal Never Give Up
  • AG Super Play
  • Buriram United Esports
  • Hero JiuJing
  • Turnso Gaming
  • Rogue Warriors
  • eStar Gaming
  • Qiao Gu Reapers
Big players in Arena of Valor
Is There an Arena of Valor championship?

Is There an Arena of Valor championship?

AoV is a fast-growing mobile game. Thus, the fact that its tournament list increases constantly is something that is expected. Now, the Arena of Valor World Cup is an annual event inaugurated in 2018. It is a big event that put up a big cash prize for players to compete for, with the prize pool hitting an all-time high in 2022 ($10,000,000). That's how big the tournament is. Don't forget that the 2020 edition was canceled due to the Corona pandemic, but with the 2022 tournament coming with double the prize pool, players have no regrets whatsoever.

AoV World Cup qualifications

To gain access to AoV's biggest stage, participants are required to first succeed in their regional leagues, which are primarily in Asia, although it is expected that America and Europe will register their presence sooner than later,

  • The AoV Star League
  • The Arena of Japan's Toryumon Cup
  • The Garena Challenger Series

Some of the most successful tea in the AoV World Cup include Hong Kong, Vietnam, and Korea.

Is There an Arena of Valor championship?
Betting on Arena of Valor at providers

Betting on Arena of Valor at providers

As you read earlier, dozens of bookies offer great AoV betting odds and markets. You should find a couple of them with a bit of research. If you're looking for where to bet on AoV, the following bookies won't disappoint you. From bonuses and interface to odds and many more, the following esportsbooks have them all.

  • Lootbet
  • Rivalry
  • William Hill
  • Betway
  • VulkanBet
  • Rivalry
  • Bovada
  • Pinnacle
  • 1xBet
Betting on Arena of Valor at providers
Follow the best Arena of Valor teams and bet accurately

Follow the best Arena of Valor teams and bet accurately

There is nothing like sure bets when it comes to esport betting. Since the beginning of betting, underdogs have been known to cause upsets, and it is no longer news when a weak side defeats the odd-on favorite. However, stronger teams win more often than weaker teams. That's why your chances of avoiding losses become better when you follow the best teams and bet accordingly. Thankfully, you can ask the internet about the strength of any AoV team, and all the facts will pop up.

If you're hunting teams to follow and bet on, some notable ones include those listed earlier in this post, as well as the following:

Team Liquid

This is an easy pick for any bettor, considering its achievements in the world of eSports. After successful runs in Dota 2, Team Liquid made its way into Arena of Valor, and it is already a favorite for punters.

Nova eSports

Nova Esports multiple teams known to cause trouble in a wide range of titles, including Clash Royale, PUBG, and, of course, AoV. Ignoring such a team would be a mistake for any punter.

SK Gaming

Ask any AoV punter, and they will say SK Gaming is a force to be reckoned with. Sk Gaming's influence in the world of eSport gaming is well documented, having succeeded in Smite, LoL, CS: GO, Smite, Rainbow Six, and many other eSports. And now they have extended the same influence to AoV; you can't afford to unfollow them.

Follow the best Arena of Valor teams and bet accurately
Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons

No matter how good an esport game is, it must have some positives and negatives, and Arena of Valor is not an exception.


  • Mobile-friendly. Arena of Valor is designed with your mobile device in mind, and the game is exclusively meant to be played on mobile devices. That brings convenience to players because they don't need to sit with their eyes glued on desktops to enjoy the experience.
  • Big prizes. AoV presents tournaments that allow players to battle it out for cash prizes. For instance, the AoV World Cup 2022 comes with a whopping $10,000,000, which is expected to pull exceptional talents from all over the world.
  • Social aspect. Not many games are as social as AoV. While there is a solo play option, many people choose the team play option because it allows them to socialize with other players as they work together to defeat a common enemy.


  • The game can be expensive: Not everyone is comfortable with the minimum amount they need to pay to opt into AoV. However, you can opt to play the game in free mode if you think that's an obstacle. All you will need to contend with are a few ads that may pop up while in the middle of the action. But there are cheaper alternatives too for those who don't want to play AoV.
  • The game can be addictive
  • It is a very competitive game. You will need to be at your best to win (of course, your teammates will also need to be in their top form).
Pros and Cons
Understanding Arena of Valor betting odds

Understanding Arena of Valor betting odds

To successfully bet on AoV, you must first understand the odds. After all, that's what determines how much you can win. If you're looking to understand the odds, thank God because most betting platforms will help you out. AoV odds are presented in various formats, depending on the bookmaker in question, and this can be fractional or decimal odds. It's advisable to understand what the formats mean because you never know what you will find on your favorite sportsbook.

You need to understand that very high odds mean that the outcome is improbable and vice versa. Thus, odds can give you an insight into where to place your bet. Having said that, you must also understand that bookies will always present odds in their favor. This is known as the house edge, i.e., the book has the upper hand in every odds presented. Besides the house edge, other factors that have a hand in odds include the team's current form and head-to-head performance.

Understanding Arena of Valor betting odds
Betting tips & tricks

Betting tips & tricks

Do you have the urge for Arena of Valor eSport betting? If that's the case, you need to choose the best eSport betting site. On top of that, here are some tips and tricks to help you in your new endeavor.

  • Go for the Best Bets: One way to place the best bet is to research the teams and understand how to perform. By knowing the underdogs and the odd-on favorites, you can predict with some accuracy (not always, though) the outcome of any match.
  • Shop Around for the Best Odds: Bookies have different odds, with some offering slightly higher odds; needless to say, the best odds are the way to go.
  • Grab Bonuses: Does the bookmaker offer any bonuses? That's something you don't want to miss out on. Use the bonuses to place bets without committing your cash too much.
Betting tips & tricks