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Find the Powerful Helix Wand in Enshrouded's Kindlewastes Region

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In the dangerous world of Embervale in Enshrouded, it is crucial to equip yourself with the finest gear to face the deadly monsters that lurk around. One such powerful weapon is the Helix wand. If you want to wield this weapon, it is important to know where to find it in Enshrouded.

Find the Powerful Helix Wand in Enshrouded's Kindlewastes Region

Location of the Helix Wand

The Helix wand cannot be found at a specific location in Enshrouded. It is a randomly found chest loot item. To increase your chances of finding it, you should focus on opening chests in the Kindlewastes region.

The Kindlewastes area is situated on the eastern side of Embervale. To reach this region, head east from Umber Hollow, a known farming spot for Ammonia Glands. While it may be a long journey, the rewards are worth it.

Searching for the Helix Wand

Once you are in the Kindlewastes area, keep an eye out for chests that you can open. While the Helix wand is commonly found in gold chests, it is advisable to open all other chests as well. You never know what useful loot you might come across.

Statistics of the Helix Wand

Although the Helix wand may not be the best weapon overall in Enshrouded, it is still a solid option, especially for Mage or Wizard builds. Here are the statistics of the Helix wand:

  • Damage: 47
  • Damage type: Shroud
  • Mana regeneration: +One
  • Maximum durability: 300
  • Overcharge: 19 percent
  • Attack speed: 0.6 seconds

Benefits of Wands

Wands are incredibly useful weapons to have in your inventory, even if you do not regularly use them. Unlike staffs, wands do not require ammo and are highly effective at dealing damage from a safe distance. This makes them particularly valuable when facing enemies that can inflict toxic poison damage up close, such as the red mushroom monsters that drop Shroud Sacks and Ammonia Glands.


In conclusion, the Helix wand is a powerful weapon that can aid you in your journey through Enshrouded. By focusing on opening chests in the Kindlewastes region, you increase your chances of finding this valuable weapon. With its strong Shroud damage and other impressive statistics, the Helix wand is a solid choice for any Mage or Wizard build. So, equip yourself with this wand and face the dangers of Embervale with confidence.

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