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Mastering Charger Elimination in Helldivers 2

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In Helldivers 2, the fight to defend Super Earth is filled with a variety of enemies, and Chargers are among the strongest. Defeating them requires stronger weapons, focus, and a willingness to face danger head-on. If you're looking for a guide on how to eliminate Chargers, we've got you covered.

Mastering Charger Elimination in Helldivers 2

Understanding Chargers

Chargers can be encountered in specific missions in Helldivers 2, but they can also appear in other missions in Terminid zones. These heavily armored enemies are a common sight in Challenging difficulty or higher, but they can also be encountered at lower difficulty levels in specific target missions. To successfully take them down, you need to be well-prepared.

Recommended Strategies

The easiest way to defeat a Charger is by using a Recoilless Rifle or an Expendable Anti-Tank Launcher. These weapons can kill a Charger in just a few hits or expose weak points that can be targeted with basic weapon fire. The Railgun is also effective against Chargers. It is advisable to equip at least one of these Stratagems when entering a mission where Chargers are likely to be encountered.

If you don't have access to the recommended Stratagems or they are on cooldown, you can aim for the back of the Charger, where it has an exposed weak point. However, getting behind a Charger can be challenging, so you may need to use a teammate as bait.

Dealing with Multiple Threats

When facing a Charger, it's important to be aware of other bugs that may attack simultaneously. While these smaller enemies may not be as threatening as the Charger, they can quickly overwhelm you if you focus solely on the main threat. Using a turret can help you mow down the smaller enemies while you concentrate on defeating the Charger.


Defeating Chargers in Helldivers 2 requires careful planning and the right strategies. By equipping the recommended weapons and being aware of the surrounding threats, you can successfully eliminate Chargers and contribute to the defense of Super Earth.

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