October 27, 2023

The Evolution of Clash Royale: Updates, Esports, and Growth

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Clash Royale, released in 2016 by Finnish developer Supercell, has been a revolutionary title in the mobile gaming industry. It offered a genre-defining gameplay experience that was both simple to play and highly competitive.

The Evolution of Clash Royale: Updates, Esports, and Growth

The Rise of Clash Royale

Unsurprisingly, Clash Royale quickly gained popularity, with a reported 50 million daily active users in 2018. However, five years later, there are concerns about the game's current state.

The Current State of Clash Royale

While the exact number of active players is not publicly known, reports suggest that Clash Royale still has over a million users. However, it is not at the same level of popularity as it was in 2018.

Controversial Updates

One factor that has disappointed the player base is the recent updates to the game. The 'Update for Losers' in April 2023 received significant criticism for making the game more pay-to-win and removing features from the beloved 2v2 mode. This update aimed to increase the number of players on the trophy road, but it may have contributed to a decline in the player base.

The Impact of Updates

While veteran players were heavily critical of the update, it may not have affected free-to-play players significantly, who make up the majority of the player base.

The Esports Scene

The esports scene of Clash Royale provides insight into the game's current state. In 2018, the Clash Royale League World Finals reached a peak viewership of 361,849, indicating the game's strong growth. However, between 2018 and 2020, the viewership numbers declined rapidly. This decline can be attributed to the closed-off franchised esports ecosystem for Clash Royale, which limited team participation.

The Return of an Open Ecosystem

Fortunately, Supercell reintroduced an open-for-all system in 2021, allowing more teams to participate in the Clash Royale League. As a result, the viewership numbers have shown growth over the past two years, with the 2022 edition reaching a peak viewership of 228,000 and an average viewership of 58,000.


While Clash Royale may not be as popular as it was in 2018, it still maintains a strong and loyal player base. The recent updates and changes have had mixed effects on the game, but the return of an open esports ecosystem has shown promising signs of growth. Whether Clash Royale is dying or not is subjective, but it is clear that the game continues to have a dedicated following.

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