April 8, 2024

Ursaluna and Porygon2: The Unexpected Champions of Europe International Championships

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Key Takeaways

  • Ursaluna and Porygon2, not typically considered top threats, played a crucial role in Nils Dunlop's victory at the Europe International Championships.
  • Despite the popularity of Pokémon like Incineroar and Flutter Mane, Dunlop's strategic use of Ursaluna and Porygon2 under Trick Room conditions proved to be a game-changer.
  • The success of these Pokémon at such a high-level competition could influence future team compositions and strategies.

The Europe International Championships (EUIC) this past weekend (April 5 to 7) showcased the immense strategic depth and unpredictability that the Pokémon Scarlet and Violet metagame has to offer. While familiar faces dominated the VGC side, two unexpected Pokémon, Ursaluna and Porygon2, emerged as pivotal components of the winning team, defying the conventional wisdom of what constitutes a competitive threat.

Ursaluna and Porygon2: The Unexpected Champions of Europe International Championships

Throughout the EUIC, the metagame seemed to tilt in favor of well-known powerhouses like Incineroar, Flutter Mane, Urshifu, and Amoonguss. These Pokémon, consistent with their strong showings in Regulation F battles, formed the backbone of many top-performing teams. However, Nils Dunlop's championship-winning team featured two less-anticipated stars: Ursaluna and Porygon2.

Ursaluna typically signals a Trick Room strategy due to its slower speed. Historically, players have paired it with Cresselia, renowned for its ability to set up Trick Room, allowing slower Pokémon to move first. This synergy enables Ursaluna to unleash powerful Earthquake attacks without harming its Levitate-equipped ally, Cresselia.

However, in a strategic departure, Dunlop chose Porygon2 over Cresselia as Ursaluna's Trick Room setter. Porygon2's appeal lies in its bulkiness when equipped with Eviolite and its surprising offensive capabilities, thanks to a higher Special Attack stat and the Download ability. By assigning Porygon2 a Flying Tera Type, Dunlop ensured it could dodge Earthquake's damage, showcasing a clever adaptation to traditional Trick Room tactics.

The effectiveness of this duo was not reliant on setting up Trick Room in every match. In the finals against Tim Edwards, Dunlop's strategic flexibility allowed him to secure victory with and without the presence of Ursaluna and Porygon2. This adaptability underscores the importance of versatile team compositions in competitive Pokémon play.

Dunlop's triumph, punctuated by an inadvertent curse during his post-victory interview, has cast a spotlight on Ursaluna's competitive potential. VGC veteran Fiona Szymkiewicz speculated that Ursaluna might become the next Mystery Gift for the North America International Championships (NAIC), given its newfound popularity and the challenge of acquiring it outside of Scarlet and Violet. Such a gesture would not only celebrate Dunlop's innovative strategy but also encourage players to explore new competitive angles with this formidable, yet adorable, bear.

In a landscape often dominated by familiar faces, Dunlop's success with Ursaluna and Porygon2 at the EUIC serves as a reminder of the endless possibilities within the Pokémon VGC. As players and fans digest the implications of this unexpected victory, the metagame may well see a shift towards more diverse and creative team compositions, proving once again that innovation can triumph over convention.

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